Katie m. Berggren

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Katie m. Berggren has been cited as the Motherhood Artist in America, and her paintings and prints hang in homes of families in more than 57 countries.

It's really easy to find her work as it is so huge … perhaps hundreds of paintings about moms loving their children, children loving their moms… It's not just a memory, it is an inspiration for our everyday life as mothers … It is a reminder for our children how much they are loved. It opens our hearts, connects us with the feeling of deep love inside of us. And, at the same time, the joy we can have in our motherhood.

Visit Katies webpage: http://www.kmberggren.com

„Regardless of what life chooses to throw your way, these moments are captured for all eternity. May these gentle celebrations of motherhood inspire, give you hope, bring you peace, and reassure you that good things are always possible.“

Please, enter into this beautiful softness of mother love and let yourself loose in the arms of love.


A Certain Kind Of Sweetness


Woven Softly

Love Flows Outward

All artworks by Katie m. Berggren http://www.kmberggren.com

1 comment

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