Gioia Albano

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It is a pleasure for me to introduce you Gioia Albano, an Italian artist, beautiful woman and a mother of three children. 

"I'm Gioia Albano, Italian artist living in south of France. I've always been an artist even if my life wasn't always straight about it.
My main source of inspiration has always been women starting point being me and my story or others unknown and far away.
Womanhood divine essence, physical and spiritual beauty, the true or invented physical body , the  enchantment and motherhood : the possibility to tell through images for me is endless.
Although I’ve always been creative and despite art school it was thanks to my experience as a mother that I could go back to painting after years of lack of confidence. The divine creative power has then returned in force.
This is why I like to call myself : mother of three children and many paintings."

You know...anytime I look for some pregnancy/birth/motherhood paintings on internet, Gioia is there ... her amazing paintings are filling me with joy and tenderness, those gentle colors and shapes... And as a mother, my body knows all what my eyes are looking at, and even now after many years it reminds me of my own pregnancy, my own breastfeeding... When I look for love and joy in living ones own motherhood or man and woman relation, I look for Gioia. 

Visit Gioia on her website

Enjoy her softness, love - her paintings are like mothers arms :)

Labour in music

Embracing the higher mystery

Goddesses in birth

From water to water

Born in the caul

A birthing family

Peaceful breastfeeding

Emma a le Albicoccole

Dancing family of three

All artworks by Gioia Albano

1 comment

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