Beth Budesheim

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An artist, bodyworker, and energy practitioner, Santa Fe, NM. The website of Beth is full of beautiful paintings of love, the miracle of pregnancy, life …

A painting, Beth says, can serve as a merging place of spiritual energy and wisdom with physical reality; it can be a place to empower what is wanting to be realized or illuminated within us. To accomplish this alchemy, she takes her seed of inspiration into sacred intent, and through meditation, intuition, creative joy and present moment flow, allows the piece to unfold organically.

"Painting, for me, is not only about personal expression but also discovery, journey, and information. The colors, shapes, symbols and imagery convey energetic frequencies and messages on conscious and unconscious levels. When someone is drawn to a piece of artwork, it is not only the image and colors that they feel connected to, but the more subtle vibrational information that dances with, informs and nurtures their soul."

„Trustinlove“  – was at the very beginning of our project Love Birth, it was our inspiration and became something as a companion to us. You can also see it as the first painting on Ujjvala`s video to her song Birthgoddess.

Visit Beth at her website:

Welcome to the magic world of Beth Budesheim.



Emotional healing 2


Peace Angel 2






mom&child 2

Artwork by Beth Budesheim

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