Annelie Solis

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A 28 year old artist from Trinidad and Tobago. Annelie came to my life as a miracle of mistery with her painting Mistyrius.

One day our dear friend who designed our Lovebirth website sent me a message that the structure of the website is ready and now we can start working on it. I opened the link with so much anxciety and there …. two (three) big eyes were looking at me with the deepest look inviting me to a new world in a new universe. I couldn`t even focus on the website, I was so amazed by this picture. So, immediately I looked at Annelies page and there the universe opened to me with so much love and devotion, I felt like home with beloved family. Reading about her young life experience brought me pleasure and joy.

Annelie is here for us to feel one with the oneness, to feel our inner strength and divinity. No more words, just open your hearts for her mission :)

"I began painting things that felt beautiful and holy to me: humans adorned as queens and kings, goddesses and gods; personifications of divinity and nature; cultures from all over the world; movement and dance; indigenous tribes and their wisdom; the stars. I began exploring symbolism as a vehicle to connect with the subconscious.

My artwork comes through joyous love and gratitude for creation itself, and the intention, my mission, is to enliven the human spirit and inspire a celebration of life which is beauty and divinity."

Annelie on web:

the awaited child


the mother


the child sees


the children of the Gaia Tribe 




divine chelonian mysteries

Artwork by Annelie Solis,

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