Dear Visitors,

Welcome to my virtual sites about birth in love. About Love, which is here before our conception, and nourishes us in the body of our mother. The love in which we are born into and guided by throughout our whole lifes. So that, in the end of our journey, we can leave it in love.

Ujjvala (Denisa Urbanová) is a mother of four children, intuitive singer and she is a companion through pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding, parenthood, death. She started to work with women in 2000 as a breastfeeding consultant, later as a founder of a mother centre, where she guided the women circles. She educated herself also as a baby massage lecturer and a doula. She works independently in her own way, where she uses singing and intuitive conversation as her main means of work. She lectures on festivals and at different community centres. She sings at births, creates intuitive songs and guides groupsinging of mantras and intuitive singing and singing workshops.Listen to some of Ujjvalas music here.

„LoveBirth“ was born in love with God‘s mercy and with the support of several Doulas to fulfill its mission – to awaken our sensitivity, perceptivity, self knowledge and responsibility; to make conscious decisions. Patiently, in trust and love, opening our minds and hearts.